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Welcome to Kendall Online Negotiations

Buying a car from Kendall has always been easy, but now we are taking it a step further. Using our new online negotiation system you can negotiate the price and terms for the vehicle you want online before ever coming down to the dealership. When you find the car you are interested in, click the negotiate icon, and simply supply us with your contact information and trade-in vehicle information (if you have one). We will work with you online to negotiate the price and terms that work for you.


"Very convenient and helpful!"

"I never expected the smoothness of the deal, very straight-forward."

"We have purchased many vehicles in our lives and this was the most enjoyable ever...it was actually fun."

"Excellent time saver…"

"Loved it, made a working mama's day much easier. The staff was very fast in getting back to me."

"Everything was excellent!"


Q: Can everything be done online?

A: Yes. We can even FedEx your paperwork to you if you like. We have on occasion shipped cars to customers who could not get to the dealership.

Q: Am I committed to buying a vehicle if I enter into negotiations online?

A: No. It is assumed that both you and we are negotiating in good faith during this process to help you purchase a vehicle. When you sign the necessary documents at the dealership you are buying a vehicle.

Q: What about my trade in?

A: We want to maximize the value of your trade in. To do this, we recommend a professional appraisal at the dealership. Actually being able to see and touch a vehicle accomplishes this. If this is not possible, we can give you an estimated range of its value sight unseen.

Q: What are the best interest rates available?

A: Without knowing your credit history, we use estimated rates. We can personalize your rates to fit your history if you send your credit information to us at our secure online site.

Q: Who will I be working with?

A: You will be working with a team of individuals so that answers to your questions are expedited. Most of your correspondence will be handled by a Client Care Specialist, and an Online Negotiation Manager may be involved as well. An Internet Manager who is actually at the dealership will be available as well to answer any questions you may have. With busy schedules, most of our clients appreciate the attention to detail that a team working together provides.

Kendall Online Negotiations is a new way of doing business. It simplifies things and is done at your pace, in comfortable surroundings. Give it a try. You just might be amazed at how easy buying a vehicle can be!

To begin your Online Negotiations, simply find a vehicle in our
inventory you are interested in and click the button.